Happy Mother’s Day!

This Mother’s Day we’re honoring the women who have raised us, prayed for us, stood by us, influenced us, molded us… *any woman* whose love has touched us.

Below are submissions of women honoring women.


Major Melody Davis is the epitome of a godly woman.  She loves unconditionally and she loves hard! It is my privilege to be able to honor her for being a God-fearing, God-loving woman who strives to be a woman after God’s own heart!

-Michelle Limon


Gloria Diavangama is special to me because she wholeheartedly invested in my life and spiritual growth as a teenager. Her official title at the corps was Christian Education Director and YPSM – but in reality she was sister, mentor, second mother, dream interpreter, prayer warrior, and friend. Her home was always open to us and her children were ours to love. I learned how to love Jesus and love others by being under her guidance and a big part of who I am and where I am is because of her being constant in my life.

Gloria is significant to the work/mission of the Army because her ministry, work, and entire life truly reflects what Jesus meant when He said “Go and make disciples of all nations!”. God has given the Army a mission to engage today’s youth and create spaces/programs/opportunities where they can experience His love – and God has given Gloria a heart specifically for that mission.  Her ministry with the Army is one that has and will continue to produce much fruit. I thank God for her faithfulness to Him.

-Gessica Pierre


“My sitter, my Cindy” is how I referred to her when I was very young – the adult translation is, “This is my sister, Cindy”.  Although she is almost three years younger than I am (and used to borrow my clothes and let the hems out of the pants because she was taller); I look up to, respect, and greatly admire my sister.  As the HR Director for the Florida Division, her responsibilities are enormous, and yet she is very competent and knowledgeable in her field, and considers her very stressful “job” a ministry or calling.  As a mother, grandmother, aunt, niece, sister, daughter, she is loving and supportive – and always there when needed.  As a fellow woman, I am a little envious of her, because whereas I take little steps now and then outside of my comfort zone, she LEAPS out of hers.  From letting birds roost all over her, to riding in a hot air balloon, to parasailing over Aruba, she enjoys life and doesn’t let fear stop her from doing so.  There are quite a few women who have influenced my life, but none more than my baby sister, Cindy McQueen!

-Cathy Costas


I am blessed when it comes to having talented, strong, and all-around amazing women who have impacted my life, yet the one who surpasses them all is my mother, Alice Bell.  My earliest memories of her were real-life interactions of what I now know as Philippians 2:3, humbly putting others above self.  She is the boldest intercessor I know and if she has told you she is praying, it is done.   She knows the depths of God’s Word and readily shares.  She is talented in many ways.  She is a brave survivor of Breast Cancer.  She loves deeply.  She has never been one for frivolous frills, but more about faith and the fight.  Thank you, God, for my mom!  My life is more beautiful in every way because she is in it.

-Cristina Trantham


I didn’t grow up in The Salvation Army and there have been many Officers that have spoken into my life, women who have walked beside me, encouraged me and prayed for me. The one I want to honor today is Major Casey Cunningham. I was blessed to serve along side Casey for 5 years. During that time I watched as she loved on “others” and her own family. She is a worker bee and can run circles around anyone. From her I learned to step up and step out of my comfort zone and that there is no job too little or too big, and that if you bring the right team around you, you can conquer just about anything.  She is intentional in her relationships, down to her “Happy Fridays” as she walked the building, to the way all children feel like she is their Nonni.  I am thankful for who she is and whose she is, and that our lives have forever crossed paths.

-Bethany Hawks


Melody Davis not only introduced me to The Salvation Army, but she introduced me to the love of Jesus Christ.  From the moment we first met, I felt loved by her which is a testimony to God’s love in her.  She’s my mentor, my encourager, and my friend whom I am love greatly.

-Lacy Parrish


To the women that encourage, uplift, and inspire me daily: I am so grateful that God aligned our paths at just the right time. You are so much more than session mates to me. You are my spiritual sisters! Thank you for your love, support, and friendship. Happy Mother’s Day!
(Featured in photo are: Lt. Sheena Marquis with Lt. Amber Meo, Lt. Bethany Yocum, and Lt. Kelsey Bridges)

-Sheena Marquis


My mom (Paula Bridges) and my grandma (Janis Rowland) are both very strong women who have greatly influenced my life. Despite the loss of my grandpa 25 years ago and mom’s battle with breast cancer, they have never wavered in their faith. The joy of the Lord is evident in their lives as they continue to serve as long-time soldiers, local officers and volunteers at the Clearwater Corps. I am very grateful for the example they set, not only as Christian woman, but as mother’s as well.

-Elyse Doborwicz


At age 23, I moved from the Central Territory to Charlotte, North Carolina and ended up getting hired for a secretarial job at DHQ. I knew no one in this territory and was constantly missing the life I had at home and in the Army there. Little did I know that the woman crazy enough to bring me on would fill some of that longing and become my work mom, my partner in Pinteresting, co-salivator over chocolate and equally matched deliverer of sarcastic quips.

6 years later, 3 appointment changes for her and one job move for me, Lt. Colonel Karol Seiler and I are still working and laughing and rolling our eyes together – but now in Atlanta. She has truly blessed my life and has been a continual example to me in her integrity, loyalty, patience, hard work, and passion for the Army. As she reminds me daily, she’s the best!

One of these days she’ll take me up on my offer and ADOPT ME! Love you, Seiler!

-Erin Wyatt


All mothers are special, but Major Patricia Bledsoe was heaven sent. She has impacted others for the kingdom by her example of faithfulness, loyalty, servanthood, and sacrificial living.  She loves God and people with her whole heart. She was the first person to tell me about Jesus and then she showed me Jesus. I watched for thirty years as she cared diligently for my disabled father in only a way that the Holy Spirit could have taught her.

-Lorraina Crawford


Major Ann Penhale – This beautiful woman of Christ has been a part of my life for the last 18 or so years. She is the reason I am a Salvation Army Officer and I hope to be half the officer she is and to show as much love and compassion to those in my ministry as she does. Mrs. Penhale, thank you for showing me love, compassion, patience, respect and for never giving up on me. You have been a Godsend in my life and I am so very thankful for you!

-Stephanie Blevins


A Tribute to My Mother: Linda Patmore Allen
As a seasoned mother with teenagers, I reflect upon my own childhood and wonder how in the world you did this parenting thing all on your own. You were widowed at such a young age with a preschooler (me) and a toddler (Tim) in tow.  Sacrifices were made, but Tim and I never really knew the impact of what you shouldered all on your own – until we had our own families. Because of YOUR love, devotion, strength and perseverance, we had a “perfectly normal” childhood. Love you Mom!

“…Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in them.” 1 John 4:16

-Bobi Lindeborg


For the last 11 months Major Jaci Cotoni has had the greatest influence over my life and ministry. She has supported me in my crazy endeavors and is the Best Corps Sargent Major ever! I am amazed at how generous and sacrificial she is both to me and her family. She has let me cry on her shoulder, prayed with me and over me, and she’s help others to find Jesus. Jaci believes that everyone should have the opportunity to live life to the fullest. She is one of the most loving and generous people I know, and I am proud to call her my friend.

-Rebecca Sullivan


Kelley Williams encourages my heart. She loves her family and is such a wonderful wife, mother. She has a youthful energy that attacks ministry with creative style that excites others. The Richmond Corps is thriving in ministry because Kelley is apart of the work. To serve in ministry along side her is a gift. She definitely should be honored for heart for God, hard work and effective ministry.
-Laura Dohmann