By Bethany Farrell
July 18, 2019

1. Creative Arts creates community and accountability

As a participant, you have a team relying on you to show up and do your part to the best of your ability; you know you are missed if you aren’t there.

2. Creative Arts expands the way we read the Word

If we teach our people to read the Bible the way we teach them to prepare a script, they learn to engage with the Word. They read for understanding, looking for deeper meaning, empathizing with the characters and their actions and motives, etc. Better yet – memorizing their scripts and presentations causes them to write the Word of God on their hearts! That gives a lifetime of benefits!

3. Creative Arts builds confident leaders

Individuals involved in Christ-centered arts programming will experience personal growth that pours into all aspects of their lives. Theater and movement teach personal awareness and confidence that prepares them for creative thinking, public speaking, idea sharing, and other leadership skills that can be utilized at the corps and in their school and professional lives.

4. Creative Arts adds elements of creative worship

It’s good for the whole congregation! A well programed service hits all learning types with the same message so no one goes home without comprehending the Truths of the day. Adding these new elements also requires collaboration between various corps leaders and groups, bringing more people together to pray over and plan for the corps worship service. Win Win Win!

5. Creative Arts encourages program growth

People everywhere are looking for opportunities to get their kids involved in the arts. Theater, choir, dance, music, etc are expensive programs in the community. Getting quality teaching in a positive environment is like hitting a goldmine, and a great opportunity for outreach to families in your community.

6. Creative Arts expands our minds

– it’s a safe way to visit dangerous places. It helps us explore difficult topics through a safe lens. Furthermore, theater is reflective and causes you and your congregation to consider your own life, choices, behaviors and thought patterns. Sometimes showing is more effective than role-playing or even observing a performance can help to build empathy between those with differing opinions or backgrounds.

For more information on how you can incorporate Creative Arts programming in your corps, contact your divisional music and arts department or reach out to Bethany Farrell, Territorial Creative Arts Director, at

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