Please know that the project size and materials used are based on our own preferences. You can easily adapt our steps to create something that suits you and your tastes and/or skill level!


    With a 1x8x8 piece of lumber, you can make 8 boards. Add in wood stain and food safe finish, and cost is under $4 a board!

    1. Miter Saw
    2. Palm sander or sand paper
    3. optional: Spade bit or hole saw
    4. optional: Cordless/Electric screwdriver
    1. 1″x8″ pine board
    2. Tape measure
    3. Rags
    4. Food Safe Finish
    5. optional: painters tape
  • TIPS
    • Intimidated by Lowe’s and Home Depot stores? Sit down before your trip and open the store’s website. Put your location in, select your ‘Preferred’ store and start shopping for the items you need. The website will list what aisle and section your items are in. Take screenshots of the information or write it down and then head out! This step will save you a lot of stress/confusion as your procure supplies!
    • These stores have 2′ and 4′ cut pieces of lumber available (so you don’t need to worry about fitting a 8 footer in your car!)
    • If you don’t have a saw at home, Home Depot and Lowes can cut the wood for you.
    • Don’t want to buy lumber? JoAnns, Michaels and Hobby Lobby all stock unfinished wood pieces that you can easily turn into your own Charcuterie board! All you need to do is finish them (ie stain and seal!). And don’t forget to use coupons!
    • DO. NOT. USE. PRESSURE. TREATED. WOOD! It’s packed full of chemicals and is not safe!

    Using a 1×8 board (1″ thick, 8″ wide), measure and mark 10″ (length).


    Cut the wood where you marked the 10″ line. This will give you your 1x8x10″ board.

    (See TIPS in the sidebar for more info on this step)


    Now that you have your board, you can sand it down! You want it to be as smooth as possible – feel free to use a palm/orbital sander, sanding block, or sand paper on every side of the wood. You can even use these tools to soften the edges of the board as well.


    This step is a little advanced, so feel free to skip it if you need to.

    Pick the corner of the board that you want to drill a hole into. Using a pencil, mark where the center of the hole will be, ensuring that there will be at least half an inch of wood left in between where the hole is cut and the edge of the board. This is important! If you make the hole too close to either edge of the board, the remaining wood is too thin and will break.

    Before you start drilling, place painters tape over where the hole will be cut, on both sides of the board. The tape will help prevent breakage around the hole as you drill. Then, place a piece of scrap wood under your board to ‘catch’ the drill as it pushes thru the bottom, thereby protecting whatever surface you’re working on. Clamp or hold down on your board and start drilling.


    Sand down the area around the hole you just cut. If you don’t have a drum sander that will fit in the hole, try wrapping a spare piece of sandpaper around a screwdriver and using that to sand the opening you made.


    Take a clean cloth and wipe all debris and sawdust from your charcuterie board. Next, put down a piece of cardboard or plastic to protect your table from wood stain; you’ll want to wear gloves for this part too!

    Using either a brush or rag, apply your choice of wood stain to your board. Make sure you’re wiping it on in the direction of the wood and following the directions on the container.

    Using a new rag, wipe off excess stain (again, following directions on the container).


    Once your board has finished drying and you are happy with the stain, put your gloves back on and grab a new rag or brush.

    There are several types of sealants available (see TIPS), but since your food will have direct contact with this board, you want to ensure that what you choose is FOOD SAFE.

    Follow the directions on the bottle to apply the protective finish.


    Once your project has completely dried, you can begin using it!


    If you’re part of a group making these boards, consider how you can use them together in the future! Perhaps a charcuterie board themed party, where everyone is challenged to be creative in what they put on their board and how it’s presented. Set the boards out at your event and let everyone walk around and view them and then EAT!


    GO CRAZY! Use this as a cheese board (cheese, crackers, nuts), make a ‘date night’ board for you and your spouse to share, or a girls night in board with all the things and calories you’ll never admit to indulging in!

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