A lot of moves happening in the Southern Territory this summer – click below to read the newly released list of appointments!

Be in prayer for the affected officers and their families.

Messengers of the Gospel Summer Assignments

On behalf of the Territorial Commander, Commissioner Donald Bell, I am pleased to announce the following Summer Assignment Appointments for the “Messengers of the Gospel”.

Cadets Armando & Mayela Acosta
Houston Northwest, TX

Cadet David Beckham
Bryan College Station, TX

Cadet Mark Cancia
Danville, KY

Cadets Joshua & April Davis
Orlando, FL

Cadet Michael Fadler
Columbus, GA

Cadet Zachary Good
Hampton Roads KROC, VA

Cadets Sheldon & Nichole Greenland
Charleston, WVA Area Command

Cadet Thomas Johnson
MS Gulf Coast Area Command

Cadet Noldine Joseph
Clay County, FL

Cadet Dakota Kirk
Clarksville, TN

Cadet Shamekia Kitchings
Raleigh, NC

Cadet Andrew Lewis
Murfreesboro, TN

Cadet Juliana Mason
Atlanta Temple, GA

Cadets Johnathan & Kelsey Meredith
Tuscaloosa, AL

Cadets Shane & Carmen Owens
Augusta, GA

Cadet Chris Pachik
Martin County, FL

Cadets Jeremy & Crystal Porter
Lakeland, FL

Cadet Crystal Radi
Charlottsville, VA

Cadets Juan & Kirbi Reyes
Gainsville, GA

Cadets Joshua & Amber Smith
Conway, SC

Cadets Austin & Tessa Sturdivant
Lawrenceville, GA

May God bless each of these Cadets as they accept these assignments.