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If indeed there is in “Christ Jesus neither male nor female” but in all touching His kingdom, “they are one”, who shall dare thrust woman out of the Church’s operations, or presume to put MY candle which God has lighted under a bushel?….If God has given her the ability, why should not woman persuade the vacillating, instruct and console the penitent, and pour out her soul in prayer for sinners?

Oh prejudice, what will it not do?

He will shake the world through us.

Oh, what endears the Christian religion to my heart is what it has done, and is destined to do, for my own sex.

You are not here in the world for yourself. You have been sent here for others. The world is waiting for you!

Somebody must strike and do something worthy of the emergency.“There is no improving the future, without disturbing the present,” and the difficulty is to get people to be willing to be disturbed! We are so conservative by nature–especially some of us. We have such a rooted dislike to have anything rooted up, disturbed, or knocked down. It is as much the work of God, however, to “root out, and to pull down, and to destroy,” as “to build and to plant;” and God’s real ambassadors frequently have to do as much of the one kind of work, as of the other. This is not pleasant work; but what is necessary to be done? Is it not manifestly necessary that we should go back to the simplicity, and SPIRITUALITY of the Gospel, and to the early modes of propagating it amongst men? – Aggressive Christianity

There were also certain rules which I formulated for my married life before I was married or even engaged. I have carried them out ever since my wedding day, and the experience of all these years has abundantly demonstrated their value.

The first was, never to have any secrets from my husband in anything that affected our mutual relationship or the interests of the family. The confidence of others in spiritual matters I did not consider as coming under this category, but as being the secrets of others, and therefore not my property.

The second rule was, never to have two purses, thus avoiding even the temptation of having any secrets of a domestic character.

My third principle was that, in matters where there was any difference of opinion, I would show my husband my views and the reasons on which they were based, and try to convince in favor of my way of looking at the subject. This generally resulted either in his being converted to my views or in my being converted to his, either result securing unity of thought and action.

My fourth rule was, in cases of difference of opinion, never to argue in the presence of children. I thought it better even to submit at the time to what I might consider to be a mistaken judgement, than to have a controversy before them. But of course when such occasions arose I took the first opportunity for arguing the matter out. My subsequent experience has abundantly proved to me the wisdom of this course. – quoted in They Said It

Satan has got men fast asleep in sin, and that is his great device to keep them so. He does not care what we do, if he can do that.

Previously not all the promises in the Bible could induce me to believe; now not all the devils in hell could persuade me to doubt.

If God is calling you to become a Salvation Army Officer, you will never find any peace or power till you become one. Never! “Oh but,” you say, “I don[t know what He will want next.” No, we none of us know that, but we know that we shall be safe in His hands. He wants all we are, all we acquire and all we can do to the end of our days.

Now, then, to be – what? An Officer, perhaps. Well, you will never be happy anymore if you hold back – never. As I said to somebody the other day, you might as well try to be happy in perdition, as to be happy in this life while you have that call in your soul and are refusing to obey it.

After all, what does God want with us? He wants us just to be and to do. He wants us to be like His Son and then do as His Son did; and when we come to that He will shake the world through us. – Godliness

The church has become like ancient Israel. She has increased the walls & cities, but has forgotten God. The church has multiplied its money, its programs and its buildings, but has forgotten God. If you don’t believe me, just take a look back at the history of the church from the beginning. You can measure it like this: as much as the church increases in material things, it has decreased in spiritual things. This is a fact.

The sad part is that I am meeting and working with a good number of people today who want to put God on a certain time frame. They like to go to lunch at noon and don’t want God or church interrupting their schedule. They like to talk and hang out with their friends much more than they want to talk and hang out with God. They think a whole lot more about their work than the work of the Spirit. They say things like, “Well, work needs to be done.” What about the work of the Holy Ghost and the Kingdom? Doesn’t that work need to be attended to?…Forget about your meetings and your meals. You have taken care of outer man long enough. Now look at the inner man. Never mind your children right now, the Lord will take care of them. Never mind anything. If you are thirsty, just get this blessing of the filling of the Spirit of God, this full baptism of your soul.

There is this tendency that, I think, comes from our fallen nature to feel like it is much easier to just do the religious stuff. It is much easier to take the communion or get baptized than it is to truly give your heart over to God and allow Him to deal with it. It is much easier to feed a stomach than to feed a soul. That is where we get all of these good people who don’t know Jesus. WE HAVE BEEN PRESENTING THEM WITH A RELIGION, NOT A RELATIONSHIP. Religion is the old covenant, relationship is the new covenant…The inclination to rest in churchy things is as great as ever. Instead of putting away idols and bringing our hearts and lives to God to be washed and kept clean, we get some outward signs and live just like the world around us, calling “Lord, Lord,” but still not doing the things He says. I say that to live out a pure Gospel we are required to bring our evil hearts to God to be renewed, to put away our religious idols, and to wait on Him to renew our motives, attitude, character, feelings, and make us new creations. Instead of this, people go to church or get baptized or pray before their meals and call themselves Christian…Because we are acting this way individually, we then gather collectively as a church and we create a formal religion. It was this way with the Jews. Their temple service and the whole paraphernalia of Judaism was their all in all. They thought that Jesus was the most awfully sever and ridiculous person who ever appeared on the face of the earth, because He told them the truth. We have this similar attitude going on today. We have taken the paraphernalia of Christianity and made it our all in all. So if this is the case, WHAT CAN BE DONE ABOUT IT? – Aggressive Christianity

Why should woman be confined exclusively to the kitchen and the distaff, any more than man to the field and workshop? -Female Ministry

…if the Word of God forbids female ministry, we would ask how it happens that so many of the most devoted handmaidens of the Lord have felt themselves constrained by the Holy Ghost to exercise it? Surely there must be some mistake somewhere, for the Word and the Spirit cannot contradict each other. -Female Ministry

The more you lead me up to Christ in all things, the more highly I shall esteem you; and, if it be possible to love you more than I do now, the more shall I love you. You are always present in my thoughts – letter to William, quoted in They Said It

Now, my friend, you are called by the Spirit to this work. Obey the call–DO IT. Never mind if it chokes you–do it. Say, “I had better die in obedience than live in disobedience.” Oh! these everlasting likes and dislikes. `I don’t like to speak to that person, I so dislike writing that letter.’ Oh! you don’t know what might be the consequences. Never mind the consequences–do it. God will stand between you and consequences; and, if He lets you suffer, never mind–then suffer; but obey the voice of the Spirit.

You convince a man that he is out of health, show him the importance of seeing a physician and getting a remedy, and if he is a sane man, he will never rest again till he has put himself under the means which he thinks most likely to cure him.

But it is not so with people’s souls. How can this be, when the interests at stake are so much greater? How can you account for it? You get them to a service, and a little bit aroused; but the first great anxiety of the Devil is to get them to sleep again. He says, ‘Ì must not let that man hear such truth any more’; and he finds something to attract his attention as soon as he gets outside…The great effort of the Devil is to keep people indifferent, and nothing does he dread so much as awakening and arousing preaching, or other instrumentalities calculated to awaken and alarm them.

So Satan started scheming saying, “What can I do? I am going to end up blown away by these guys. They are going to snatch the authority of this world right out of my hands. I can’t let that happen, but what can I do? It makes no sense to use my most evil people, they’ll never buy it. Wait a minute; I know what I can do. I’ll get a hold of a couple of those so-called good Christians. I’ll creep in, unaware to them, of course, and I’ll insert a false doctrine here and there thus deceiving the elect!” And he did it. He accomplished his plan. He slowly but surely lowered the standards of our Christian covenant. He lowered the standards of our life and character. Sure, through every revival God has raised them back up to a certain extent, but we have never gotten back fully to the simplicity, the purity, the passion that we read about in the book of Acts and in the remainder of the New Testament. In every generation since then, Satan has gotten somebody to stand up and say that the standard is too high for us humans that it’s too hard, too unrealistic to expect so much. He has gotten the church into an “it’s all about me” religion. To be honest with you, he has gotten the Church into a condition that makes people not even want to hear a Christian talk, let alone be one. There are great, intelligent, wise people being driven from this type of Christianity…The biggest evil we have going on today comes from Christians! They sin and confess and sin and confess and feel guilty about the whole thing and then invite us to join them in their pitiful experience. I said it when I was young and I’ll say it even louder now, if it sends me to Hell I will never water down the standards of God. I wish you felt like I do. We have an amazing standard put before us. The power is extended to you, the conditions have been laid out for us, and all of us CAN grab hold of it. If you don’t want to raise your life to the standard of this righteousness, fine, but for the sake of the children, and for the children not yet even born, don’t drag it down and try to make God’s standards meet your little, insignificant, confined experience.