Prayer without desire is like a bird without wings; it cannot rise.

Ours is a religion of love. Our great idea is love. Love is our word. Love is the keynote to all that we do.

I do believe that the reason the prophets and apostles heard so much from God was that they listened so well.

‘Aggression’ is your motto. You must attack fiercely and desperately the enemies of God and righteousness, and contend for the souls of the people right to the bring of hell. They must not perish without a mighty effort for their rescue. You have to make it.

Attack in the name of Jesus Christ. Attack, and do not trouble about propriety. Attack the evils about you, such as love of money, neglect of God, and unbelief, knowing that the only remedy is salvation through the precious Blood.

Have faith in God and confidence in your mission, and all will be well. Your complete triumph depends upon the personal devotion of every comrade to the Flag and the principles it represents. – Message from the General, To the Newly Commissioned Officers