Advent is a time of expectation and waiting, but also a time of busyness for many Americans caught in the hustle and bustle of the Christmas holidays. This year the “four weeks” of Advent is a mere 22 days!

Women may be particularly stressed in December, as the “double shifts” of at-home and out-of-the-house work can feel more intense with the additional activities and expenses that come this time of year.  But that doesn’t mean women can’t enjoy the Christmas season or be encouraged in practices that will help them experience God’s peace during Advent.

Forsaking the season altogether is worse! Rather than bah-humbugging it or Pinterest Princess-ing it, being intentionally simple and celebratory can be healing and life-giving.

We’ve collected a few ideas that could be helpful for engaging in expectation of Christ daily, as well as a few memory-building activities to celebrate Jesus.  We know that creating memories that tell God-stories is important for children, but it is also meaningful for adults.  Whatever is going on in your life right now, Jesus is for you.

Savor the season of expectation.